Tom Fun 2× scored for RKAVV in its official debut

Tom Fun 2× scored for RKAVV in its official debut

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Leidschendam – Thanks to goals from Tom Pleasure (2) and Tristan Kroos, RKAVV beat Burmerstein 0-3 in Division A on Sunday.

RKAVV outperformed the home team on all fronts. Al-Saada would have scored 3 goals if he had waited for the halftime signal when he was only allowed to go away from the enemy goal. However, his day was not worse than that.

Leiderdorp brothers Sem (22) and Tom (25) Pleasure are new to RKAVV this season. Both played for professional football organizations in their youth and gained professional experience abroad; Sim in Romania, Tom in Croatia. Sim is an attacking midfielder. Tom turned the attack.

Sim is still injured. Tom almost from the top. “Waseem and I played football for several months at the end of last season on a US tourist visa at professional club Dayton Dutch Lions. This was quite an experience. We have been through a lot there. Now I am looking forward to playing with my brother again at RKAVV. We know the strengths We have each other and we know how to use each other well.”

It almost does not come from a key. “I was on my way to sign for one of the professional clubs in the Bundesliga, when coach Maurizio Cicucci called me and team manager Rob van Bruysen. They wanted me so much and asked if I wanted to become a striker again. I immediately turned around and gave yes to RKAVV.”

Tom caused a stir at left-back at Swansea City O23 but injuries prevented a breakthrough. “I trained as a striker in the youth of ADO Den Haag. Out of necessity, I am returning to Jung Brabant United, when Swansea City took me. I am now playing again in my old familiar position.”

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Communication with RKAVV was already warm. “I have known Rob and Maurizio for a long time. They are just such positive and nice people to work with. You just need them to perform.”

Tom has proven to be a dynamic striker who is resistant to the ball and has depth in training matches. His experience as a defender is useful. “From the experience in these two positions, I know how defenders and attackers think. I have yet to get a renewed professional adventure out of my mind. There is certainly interest, but for now I am still playing with a big smile under Maurizio and Rob at RKAVV.”

He continues: “I’ve noticed that there is a lot of quality in the RKAVV select group of players. There is a positive atmosphere in the dressing room. So we’ll definitely catch fire this season! As long as we end up above my old amateur team Alvins Boys, hahaha!”

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