Youth Survey 2022: The most popular Netflix and Spotify

Youth Survey 2022: The most popular Netflix and Spotify

Netflix and Spotify are the most popular video and audio services among young people (Generation Z and Millennials). This is evidenced by the Mediahuis Youth 2022 survey.

Young people spend on average more than three hours per day watching (various forms) of television. They prefer to do this on demand, so see when it suits you best. However, its popularity has decreased numerically compared to our last survey in 2020. Streaming services have been around for years and new ones are still being added. Netflix is ​​largely used by young people: on average 84% use this streaming service. Remarkably, one in five millennials no longer have a subscription with a TV provider

Online broadcasting, podcasting and radio services still cannot guarantee the extinction of old reliable radio. In fact; Young people are more positive this year about the survival of good old radio. Far fewer young people believe that online music services can replace listening to radio in the future. And they don’t see replacing radio with a podcast happening any time soon. Although it decreased compared to the previous measurement, we still see that young people spend a lot of time listening to online music services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, TIDAL, Napster, YouTube Music and Juke. Spotify is by far the most popular. Almost all Gen Z’ers use it. Podcast listening hasn’t increased significantly since 2020 – perhaps a little bit against expectations. Remarkably, in the previous Gen Z measurement, women indicated that they sometimes listen to podcasts, whereas this is the group that does so now. mostly. Millennials are the least likely to listen to podcasts.

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For the Great Youth Survey 2022, a total of 2,447 young people gave their opinion on various topics. Mediahuis research can be downloaded here.

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