House of the Dragon also broke one record after another in the UK

House of the Dragon also broke one record after another in the UK

The Targaryens series is very popular. Is the original chasing Game of Thrones?

prequel to Game of thrones About the Targaryen family’s early years were, of course, a recipe for success. But it will be looked at so much is something the producers weren’t expecting. The chain managed to break records with our western neighbors of the United Kingdom.

In an earlier message, it became clear that the series did very well in the United States. But it is also now known that the UK is happily engaged. British television network Sky, which broadcasts imported series and owns the rights to it, comes up with numbers on how well the series can be watched.

The biggest launch ever
So the first episode on Sky was already a success. It has been viewed more than four million times, with an accuracy of 4.08 million times. This makes the launch of the series even bigger than its predecessor Game of thrones In 2011. In addition, it was also watched more than the first to fifth seasons release, which took an average of 28 days to show comparable numbers.

One of the reasons for the successful launch of the series in the UK is that Sky has released the first episode on YouTube to viewers within the UK territory. This episode is according to Sky ‘on the house’.

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