“This year 350 millionaires from abroad moved to the Netherlands” – Wel.nl

"This year 350 millionaires from abroad moved to the Netherlands" - Wel.nl

The Netherlands is a popular country for foreign millionaires: 350 more will join this year than leave, according to figures requested by NOS from immigration consultancy Henley & Partners.

“In the past year we’ve seen a movement of millionaires towards the Netherlands,” a company spokesperson told NOS. “A good number of expat millionaires have moved from the UK to the Netherlands.”

Henley advises the wealthy how to obtain a visa or passport with their origins in the countries. According to the company, many millionaires are leaving China, Russia and India. They mainly move to the United Arab Emirates, Australia and Singapore.

It is not clear why so many millionaires come to the Netherlands, given that our country does not really have a program to buy passports like Spain and Portugal.

However, there is a scheme by which foreign investors can obtain a residence permit if they invest at least 1.25 million euros in the Netherlands (not real estate). Moreover, the Netherlands is of course increasingly known abroad as a tax haven.

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