This will be a mini SUV: Aceman | Sentences

This will be a mini SUV: Aceman |  Sentences

What sets the concept model apart is that the Mini says goodbye to chrome. Moreover, the large, round screen in the middle protrudes above the dashboard. This is a unique and clear reference to the classic miniature model that has an analog speedometer. You can also see how the interior design of future Minis will continue to evolve. They will become more colorful and new materials will be used, often with more attention to detail in the pattern, such as stunning stitching. Young buyers will be able to personalize their car more than ever in the coming years. Not only with hardware, but also digitally.

The new screen offers possibilities to make the car a “personal friend”, which, thanks to artificial intelligence, recognizes your preferences and can help you find, for example, the most beautiful and interesting places in a city that you do not yet know. Aceman proves that soon, even the taillights of the Mini can be tailored to personal taste. Next-generation all-electric models also get their own (synthetic) sound for the first time, similar to the parent BMW model. A few years ago, the car manufacturer had already contracted with the famous composer Hans Zimmer, known in many Hollywood films.

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