This video poker game was featured on Evil Dead Cross game

This video poker game was featured on Evil Dead Cross game

Before Telltale Games (in) became famous for creating stagnant narrative games, it made adventures based on direction, click, and pilot headlines. One of the strangest titles in the studio library Poker Night is in stockIt is a game between players Team Fortress 2Heavy, Sam and MaxMax, The Homestar RunnerStrongpad and Penny ArcadeTycho’s banned poker. Poker night Two selling points: conversations between characters and TF2 Equipment awards. The game was a huge success, so for the sequel, Telltale has recruited a new batch of faces. This is where the ashes came in.

For Round 2 (aka Poker Night 2), Telltale let Max’s partner, Sam, play a few rounds. He joined Sam BorderlandsClaptrap, The Venture Bros.“ Brooke Samson, and of course Ash Williams. Also, the game got a special guest host in shape GateGLaDOS. Poker Night 2 Keep the original and comedic conversations TF2 Of bonuses, but this time it has also added some exclusive features Borderlands 2 Prizes for the mix.

Unfortunately, when Telltale Games fell, it took both of them Poker night Games with it. You can’t buy the titles anymore so if you someday wanted to see Ash Talk’s haircuts and old curses with Brock and you didn’t already own the game, you missed your chance.

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