This is the week 38 2022 series

This is the week 38 2022 series

There are so many streaming services these days that you don’t know what to watch anymore. BECAUSE gives you a helping hand and selects the top five editions. So you don’t have to miss anything, whether it’s Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ or one of the other streaming services.

We are really spoiled by all the streaming services these days. More than ever, we get a whole mountain of new series and movies every week that we can instantly watch in our living room. WANT Editor Jeroen Kraak makes a list of the biggest releases at the start of each week. So you know what to look forward to on Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, and all the other services.

New series and movies on Disney +, Netflix and Apple TV +

This week, some of the best songs are coming to Netflix, Disney+, and Apple TV+. especially star WarsFans can enjoy a brand new series.

Andorra| Disney + | September 21

Andorra It’s clearly the biggest release this week. after, after The MandalorianAnd the boba fett book And the Obi-Wan Kenobi There is finally a new big one star Wars-series. Andorra happen by Star Wars: Rogue One With this, we focus more deeply on Cassian Andor. In an age of danger, deception and intrigue, Cassian will embark on the path destined to make him a rebellious hero.

Where Andorra is a prequel to Star Wars: Rogue OneYou will also see some familiar faces. Diego Luna returns to Cassian Andor’s house, while Genevieve O’Reilly returns as Moon Muthma. You will see more famous characters starring in the movie.

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Escape from Kabul | HBO Max | September 22

We all remember the horrific images of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. Things went wrong, especially at the airport. Some Afghans desperately clung to a plane to escape the Taliban and fell to the ground.

In this HBO Max documentary, we see never-before-seen footage of the confrontation at the airport. In addition, the withdrawal of US forces and the subsequent evacuation of Afghan civilians will be discussed.

Thai cave rescue | Netflix | September 22

Another event that made a huge impression on us and kept the world busy for days. I’m talking about the Thai soccer team that got stuck in a flooded cave in 2018 and couldn’t get out. A group of international rescuers and the Thai army did everything in their power to free them.

Netflix has now made a miniseries about it. So you can see everything that happened and how the boys and their coach were finally released.

if | Netflix | September 23

raging storm. A little girl is kidnapped. Her mother teams up with a mysterious neighbor to hunt down the kidnapper, a journey that tests their limits and uncovers shocking secrets from their past.

One of the series’ authors is Maggie Cohn, who wrote the HBO Max hit the stairs cooperated. If you can have the same successes with this Netflix movie, it seems to be fine.

Sydney | + Apple TV | September 23

The last documentary on this list is on Apple TV +. Many big names are involved in this documentary. Oprah Winfrey has been co-produced and Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, Robert Redford, and Lenny Kravitz, among others, speak for Sidney Portier. Actor, director, and creative activist who was in the middle of Hollywood and the civil rights movement.

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