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Chesapeake Shores seizoen 6

The end of an era is approaching. Chesapeake Shores is about to close! The popular drama is seeing its swan song after six seasons, but luckily, we’ve got another song to go with before it really gets that far. When will new episodes be released on Netflix? Soon yes, but we want dates! This is the streaming schedule for Chesapeake Shores Season 6 on Netflix.

Chesapeake Shores

The romantic drama series Chesapeake Shores revolves around the life of Abby O’Brien-Winters. She had not been to her home village for a long time, but now decided to return. Her return to the village her father once founded also means her reunion with her old acquaintances. For example, she encounters her former great love Trace Riley at Chesapeake Shores. Despite her past, will she ever feel at home again in her home village?

A day later than in America

It’s not straightforward as we explained in the introduction to this piece, because Chesapeake Shores is not actually owned by Netflix. Anyway, it’s not original Netflix content, but purchased content! The Chesapeake Shores is broadcast in the US on Hallmark Channel, but that doesn’t have much of an impact on us. At least, every episode of Chesapeake Shores in Holland comes just a day later than North America. And the premiere will be on August 16 (with us, in the US on August 15).

very last season

Season 6 of the Chesapeake Shore is, as previously reported, the final season of the popular drama series. All ends must be tied together!

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Chesapeake Shores Season 6 streaming schedule on Netflix

episode Title on Netflix
1 The best is yet to come August 16
2 Memories are made of this August 23
3 Night and day August 30
4 Thats all about it September 6
5 the love September 13
6 Get ready and fly right September 20
7 Not for me to say September 27
8 nnb nnb
9 nnb nnb
10 nnb nnb

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