This is the Red Hood from Netflix’s ‘Titans’ series

This is the Red Hood from Netflix's 'Titans' series
The Red Hood series introduces us in Season 3. Today we have our first look at that character. It looks a lot in comics, it’s so cool!

Actor Curran Walters had known for a long time that his character would eventually become Red Hood. “Of course I knew that as soon as I signed the part, I had to go to the stores and read the comics. I took everything about Jason’s story with me and got a good sense of where the future would take the character. The movie. I read all the comics and got a good sense of the character and where it should be.” I take it. “

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TV series Titans It was manufactured for TNT, but was subsequently acquired by the DC Universe streaming service. The first two seasons premiered there, then everything went to HBO Max in the US. However, the series can be watched here in the Netherlands on Netflix.

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At the center is a team of superheroes led by Dick Grayson and deals with Jason Todd, Batman’s new ally. He is now none other than the Red Hood!

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