This is the fastest production car in the world | the cars

This is the fastest production car in the world |  the cars

The Rimac Nevera electric car is officially the world’s fastest accelerating production car. The Croatian producer of the car proved it during the quarter-mile race, which completed at an incredible pace.

Unveiled in June, the Rimac Nevera is fitted with an electric motor that produces a whopping 1,914 horsepower. The pull force is 2360 Nm. By comparison: Bugatti Chiron Super Sport manages “only” 1,600 hp and 1,600 Nm.

At launch, the Rimac promised a 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) sprint time of 1.85 seconds. Added “quarter mile” time, which is very important in the US, on a US tow bar (attached to perform acceleration events for cars and motorcycles, ed.). The quarter-mile run, 402 metres, was completed with a standing start in 8.582 seconds. Rimac crossed the line at a speed of 269.6 km / h.

Mate Rimac: Elon Musk Balkans

The quarter mile actually says more about the speed of a fast-fire car than the 0-100 time, because the difference between the cars in this record sprint is very small if the time stops at about two seconds. By comparison: The McLaren Senna needs 10.1 seconds to do the same trick, the standard Bugatti Chiron 9.99 and the specially developed Dodge Challenger Demon 9.65.

Rimac proudly adds that the record run was the 11th attempt per day, showing that the Revera’s speed doesn’t suffer from heavy use. Rimac is a relatively unknown electric sports car manufacturer from Croatia. The company will eventually acquire the Bugatti brand from Volkswagen. Founder Mate Rimack is 31 years old. Because of his brilliant ideas, he is also seen as Elon Musk of the Balkans.

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