This is the app you need if you use Telegram

This is the app you need if you use Telegram

Nekogram X is an open source third-party client that has a number of really cool additional features.

Although WhatsApp is still Most Popular Instant Messaging Platforms TodayMore and more users are using Telegram as their main messaging client Banish Meta-owned app into the background.

Telegram is much more than just a messaging client, it is rather A social network where you can connect with your friends and family through private chats and groups, to inform you about the topics that interest you most through their channels and even Automate all kinds of actions thanks to your bots.

If you want to get the most out of Telegram, Nekogram X is the app you need

That is why, if, like me, you use the platform created by the Durov brothers on a daily basis, then you should know the application that I will tell you about next, because It will change the way you use Telegram.

Nekogram X is the alternative Telegram app that you must try

Nekogram X es An open source alternative to the official Telegram app on Android What includes Lots of really cool extra features, which we will explain below.

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To access all the add-ons that Nekogram X offers us, you will have to click on the menu button in the upper left corner, and click on the option Settings Once inside, tap Section Neko . SettingsWhich will be divided into four sections: General, account, chat and trial.

This is the app you need if you use Telegram

One of the main add-ons that the third-party Telegram client integrates is the built-in translator, which you can configure by accessing the section Translation located in the general section. You can from this section Select a translation provider, the ability to choose from several alternatives including Google Translator, Microsoft Translator, DeepL Translate and Source language and target language for translation.

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This is the app you need if you use Telegram

From this same section, you can also customize the look of Nekogram X, which has a design almost identical to that of the official app, with a variety of options such as Make the status bar transparent, disable the title bar’s shadow, decorate the title bar by time of year or Enable Tablet Mode So that it automatically activates when you open the app on these types of devices.

You will find most of the add-ons offered by Nekogram X in the section chat, where you can adjust the size of the stickers and activate options such as Enable the unread message counter in the back button of the applicationIgnore messages written by users you’ve blocked in groups you’re in Ignore unread counter hidden in folder tab, Hide keyboard when scrolling through chat or bypass confirmation of open link.

This is the app you need if you use Telegram

Also, at the end of this section, you will find an interesting section called a file Which will allow you to activate the option to show available folders when forwarding a message, hide the All Chats tab and choose how you want the tab title for each folder to appear: Title only, only emojis or emojis with titles.

In this sense, one of the functions that Nekogram X has, by default, is the ability to mark all conversations in a particular folder as read simply by performing Long press on the title or emoji in the tab and choose the corresponding option.

Finally, in the section experimental You will find a series of functions that are still in beta, although I must say that all the functions I have tried are working correctly.

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Thus, from this section, you can activate features such as Unlimited number of pinned chats, to pin all the chats you want in any folder, Unlimited favorite stickers, to store all the sticker packs you want, or preview media in dialog view or Increase the quality of voice messages.

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Nekogram X es Completely free app, no ads or in-app purchases You can download it from the direct link to the Play Store that we leave you under these lines, although the developer has also created a Telegram channel, which you can access from this link, where New version of your app in APK format.

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