Indian paramilitaries confuse miners and rebels: 15 dead

Indian paramilitaries confuse miners and rebels: 15 dead

Paramilitary forces in India shot and killed at least 14 civilians. It happened during an operation against the rebels in the northeastern state of Nagaland, bordering Myanmar. A member of the paramilitary force was also killed.

armed unit of Assamese guns It launches regular counterattacks against the rebels in that area. The shooting started when a truck carrying about 30 workers passed near the paramilitary camp.

“The forces received information about the presence of rebels in the area. When they saw the truck, they thought the miners were rebels and shot six of them,” a police spokesman told Reuters news agency.

Second confrontation

The spokesman said hundreds of local residents went to the camp after the incident. The people of Nagaland have long accused the armed forces of carrying out attacks on innocent civilians.

The locals set the soldiers’ cars on fire. Paramilitary forces responded to the attack, killing another eight civilians in a second attack. The paramilitary member was also killed in this attack.

The government is taking it seriously

Home Affairs Minister Shah responded with horror to the news. “My deepest condolences to the families of those who lost their lives,” he wrote on Twitter.

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