Google TV postpones user profiles for a while

Google TV postpones user profiles for a while

Google TV was supposed to come with user profiles, but it’s likely to come a few months later. The feature was announced in October and the response has been overwhelmingly positive, but it appears that this much needed feature still needs further development.

Google TV profiles

Google TV has been around since 2020 and many already expected this feature at launch, but it wasn’t the case. On the other hand, Amazon Prime Video, for example, came out with very late profiles, so it seems like it’s not on the developer role by default.

On the other hand, it will come already in this period, but this will not happen. Back in October, Google promised that the feature would appear on Google TV in the coming weeks, but it hasn’t happened yet. 9to5Google has now searched for the answer: they won’t be there for a while.

Personal recommendations

Google has indicated approximately when we can expect it, i.e. somewhere in the coming months. So it’s likely only 2022, but it could be January, February and maybe March still an option. So let’s look at one profile with the whole family, rather than everyone having their own show profile (so there’s no confusion or annoyance about who went where with a particular series as well as personal advice on what you should definitely watch ).

Ambient Mode will arrive on time. This is a type of card that allows you to see sports scores or weather and news at a glance. It can be seen when Google TV is not actively used. At the moment they are being rolled out for the first time in the United States, so it is still unknown when exactly they will come to the Netherlands.

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