This Dutch publisher already knew before Netflix just how fun Lupine was, and is now a hit

This Dutch publisher already knew before Netflix just how fun Lupine was, and is now a hit
Omar C plays Asani Diop in the series Lupine.Netflix Image

“Before the weekend the series launched on Netflix, I ordered a second edition of 1,500 books.” Martin Kwenhoven, who has a background as an artist, said, “It’s gone Monday.” The entrepreneur is now in the fourth edition of 10,000 print copies. I did not expect that.”

Kouwenhoven founded Uitgeverij Oevers on his own five years ago to publish books according to his own taste. Kouwenhoven: “Lupine is a great hero in France, but he is still unknown in the Netherlands. I found the original: a book that was not written by the investigator, but by the thief.”

Dutch translations Gentleman a thief in a Arsene Lubben vs. Herlock Schulmes, The first two volumes in the series by Maurice LeBlanc were released in 1000 editions and they continued, but that was for a long time. Couwenhoven: “But of course I didn’t know what would happen in five years.”


French Netflix series LupineOmar C Championship (Untouchables), It is number one of the most watched series in ten countries. Couwenhoven is also a fan of the series: “It’s not a literal translation of the book, it makes a difference. And the heroes in the series let themselves check out the book. Gentleman a thief Inspiration, you see it on screen all the time. This makes people curious: Does this book really exist? ”

In mid-March, Uitgeverij Oevers will release the third installment of the Lupine series: The hollow needle. Good news for Quinnhoven: “This success gives me the opportunity to publish more books on my wishlist.”

Kuenhoven wishes to publish two non-fiction books of his authorship On the roadAuthor Jack Kerouac: Lonely travelers in a Satori in Paris. It remains to be seen if Netflix will pick it up as well.

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