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This car is often seen in movies |  Mobility

German website Carwow searched global movie databases for the car with the most movie appearances. The winner is clear but hard to guess.

Chases, stunt scenes and heroes with great transportation: in almost all cinema movies, the car plays a leading or supporting role. But what are the most used models? An analysis of the movie databases IMDB and IMCDB shows that Ford Crown Victoria is the winner.

The Ford Crown Victoria is often seen in feature films

Ford is also the brand that has been seen a lot on the silver screen. A whopping 10,363 copies have been shown in feature films – more than any other car brand. Ford Crown Victoria appeared on the screen a total of 1019 times. the reason? This Ford version was the most used police car model in the United States between 1997 and 2013.

The S-Class has the most movie appearances in German cars

The Chevrolet brand ranked second, followed by Mercedes-Benz, Fiat, Volkswagen, Toyota, Dodge, BMW, Cadillac and Jeep. Among German cars, the S-class was the most viewed in the cinema: the model is listed no less than 758 times in the databases. The BMW 5 Series comes in second with 650 film appearances, followed by the BMW 3 Series with 642 film appearances worldwide.

Porsche 911

The other German models are the Porsche 911 (418 in), BMW 7 Series (322 in silver) and again a number of Mercedes models: first the E-Class (307), followed by the Mercedes 190 (289).) and the C-Class Same with 280 widths. Completing the top ten on the list compiled by Carwow is the legendary Mercedes 280 SL “Pagoda” with 263 appearances and the Mercedes 200 with 189 movie appearances.

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Ford Crown Victoria. © Autoweek

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