This afternoon’s wild strike among cleaners in Schiphol

This afternoon's wild strike among cleaners in Schiphol

Sanitation workers in Schiphol have been on strike for some time this afternoon. According to the trade union FNV, 150 cleaners started their work between 12:00 and 13:30.

The work has stopped because the cleaners fall outside the recently concluded agreement between unions and Schiphol. As a result, they cannot claim an additional €840 per month.

This includes cleaners who clean aircraft and business class lounges. The union had no role in organizing the strike.

“We understand the frustration and will enter into discussions with clients AvoClean, Asito and Schiphol Group. It is a small group that has fallen through the cracks and a solution must be found,” says FNV Director Joost van Doesburg.


Asito says the company regrets the turn of events. According to the cleaning company, its employees who have gone on strike are subject to the agreement. By the way, to the surprise of director Bob Mulls: “I also find it strange that cleaners are included, because there is no shortage of staff. We simply arrange our affairs and deliver them as stated in the contract.”

“They have stopped working in solidarity with the aircraft cleaners. Currently, the aircraft cleaners continue to work and are collecting signatures to file a petition. Unions have turned a blind eye to these groups and have not properly represented the interests of these employees as the agreement was made,” writes Asito.

According to the unions FNV and Schiphol, the halt in work did not lead to a delay.

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