Thinking of a cheaper Netflix subscription with ads?

Zou jij een goedkoper Netflix abonnement met reclame overwegen?

Maybe this is a future streaming subscription, a cheaper Netflix subscription with ads, for example.

The number of broadcast services is growing rapidly. You can accrue significantly in terms of costs every month if you want to use all of these services. Netflix, Spotify, Prime, and Disney +. You name it them. The result in subscription costs in tens of euros a month. And services are getting more and more expensive every year. Which way do we go?

Netflix subscription is cheaper

For example, are you considering a cheaper Netflix subscription with ads? Not Netflix, but HBO Max will offer abbo cheaper US service with ads. According to CNBC, it costs Americans $ 10 a month. That’s a $ 5 / month discount compared to an ad-free subscription.

Netflix, to mention again the most popular streaming service in the Netherlands, actually has many subscriptions. With the most expensive subscription of 16.99 €, you get access to 4K quality, among other things. What if I paid for ads before and after each episode of the series. Will you take this discount? As far as is known, Netflix is ​​not working on such a concept. However, the undersigned would be interested. All these services are getting more and more expensive, and every month they are secretly ticked. So bring those alternatives, like HBO Max already!

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