Thierry Lermitt remembers the difficulty of filming The Negative Dinner

Thierry Lermitt remembers the difficulty of filming The Negative Dinner

Thierry Lermitt is back in the background filming Le Diner de cons for his performance in C à Vous, France 5. He talked about how working in front of the camera of Frances Weber was a real challenge.

Thierry Lermitt Remembers shooting stupid dinner As it was yesterday. guest on a group of c for you Thursday, September 16, the actor called the director’s question Frances Weber. A request he underwent on the set of the movie in which he responded Jacques Villiers. “It was hard, Tells Thierry Lermitt. Francis Webber wants to hear what he wrote. I was not used to this. Honestly, I learned a lot But I suffered so much. this is the meaning. He wants the meaning he wrote and the meaning that comes out through the music, among other things. He wants to hear it and that’s not something for us because you know how to do it right and that’s it.” Trust, after nearly thirty years.

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from stupid dinnerIt is a legendary movie that is shown on TV every year and continues to impress. The story of François Pinon and Pierre Prochant makes thousands of viewers laugh. Jacques Villiers also got a Cesar For his role as Francois Pinon. Started on June 30, 1997 with a budget of 82 million francs (12.5 million euros), Photography is not comedy. scare actors, Weber Have them repeat the scenes until they are exhausted. The film generated a lot of laughs when it was introduced to the press and grossed a total of 8.52 million viewers.

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Several revisions have been made since then, most notably in the United States in 2009, by Jay Roach, he met Steve Carell In the role of Villeret. Average success in the United States, this the Dinner It will gather 852 spectators in France alone!

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