These two actresses play Sasha and Malia Obama in the series The First Lady

These two actresses play Sasha and Malia Obama in the series The First Lady

After the revelation of the three First ladies Michelle ObamaAnd the Eleanor Roosevelt On Betty Ford You will play in the new series the first lady, And it is straight Viola Davis and Gillian Anderson On Michelle PfeifferThe interpreters of the Obama daughters remained anonymous. However, it is now also known who the sisters are Sasha in Malia Obama Will explain. Read with me.

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the first lady

from New series, Authorized the first ladyTells the story of a date American leadership Through the female lens of the three different First ladies. Michelle Obama, The first black the first lady From the United States, played by Oscar Winner Viola Davis, best known in the multi-part series How to get away from the killing. Role Eleanor Roosevelt It will be interpreted by Gillian Anderson, Now known as Margaret Thatcher in the song series the crown. First lady Dardi Betty Ford Played by Michelle Pfeiffer.

Sasha in Malia Obama

While the artists of Sasha and Malia Obama, the daughters of Barack and Michelle Obama, have remained anonymous, these are now revealed as well. the king lionTalent Lexi Underwood, known for her Small fires everywhere, criminal minds On The good doctorAnd the He will assume the role of older sister Malia Obama. Beside her Coming Actress Sania Sydney as Sasha Obama, younger sister. Although Sanieh is only fourteen years old, she actually has several roles to her name. This is how I played it American horror storyAnd the Fences, On Hidden figures. So we can also set high expectations for these two young actresses.

The series The First Lady is broadcast on Showtime USA. It is not known yet the release date and how you can watch the series in the Netherlands.

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