These movies and series are new in September 2021

These movies and series are new in September 2021

With the end of summer (wet and somewhat cool) approaching, it’s autumn time again. This means that streaming services, movie theaters and TV channels are doing their best again. Lots of watching articles for everyone! To help you choose, lists the top releases.

View a complete overview of the movies and series you can stream and watch August 2021.

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Four weddings and a funeral (September 1)


Charles, a confident British bachelor, meets the woman of his dreams at a friend’s wedding. However, he has to quickly abandon his hopes of a fruitful and long-term relationship: she will return to the United States the next day. Read here where you are Four weddings and a funeral can watch.

Bosvechters: Utrecht Hooligans Forever (September 3)


Forest fights between hooligans in Dutch football: a huge phenomenon already nationally and internationally in the world of hooligans, but still relatively unknown to the general public. Check here where you can go from September 3 Bosvechters: naughty Utrecht forever can flow.

The Founder (September 4)


This movie is about Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton). He’s a failed salesman in a door-to-door milkshake machine. On the verge of bankruptcy, he meets his two brothers, Mac and Dick McDonald, who run a successful hamburger restaurant in Southern California. The basis of their success: a revolutionary and ultra-fast production process. Read here where you are Founder can watch.

Rudy: Haunted on September 11 (September 6)


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This mini-documentary series tells the story of Rudy Deckers’ bizarre life. It became world news in 2001 when it emerged that the hijackers, who flew into the Twin Towers in New York on September 11, had trained at his flight school in Florida. Check here where you can go from September 6 Rudy: Haunted by the events of September 11 can flow.

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Criminal Minds S1 – S15 (September 6)


The series follows a group of FBI editors involved in capturing various criminals through behavioral profiling. The story focuses on the work and personal lives of the characters. Look here where you are from criminal minds can flow.

Furka Coman, Season 2 (September 10)


In the second season we continue to ride the wild roller coaster of Ronald Koeman as coach of FC Barcelona. The viewer sees the sports finale of the season from the perspective of Koeman and his family. The cup was won unexpectedly, but when Koeman also seemed to be able to grab the league title, Barcelona suddenly collapses like a house of cards. Koeman should seriously fear for his job, should the new president openly express his doubts. Show your place here Furka Koman can flow.

The Good Fight v5 (September 11)


Diane Lockhart fell into a black hole and is in financial trouble. She has also lost her job at Lockhart & Lee and is trying to rebuild her reputation with Judson Maya and Luca Quinn. She joined a prominent law firm in Chicago. Show your place here good fight can flow.

Celebrity Matchmakers, Season 1 (September 16)


Beau Wilkes, Pauline Wingelaar, Edson da Graça, Doni, Sundos Al Ahmadi and her mother Remo play the real Cupids on Videoland Original Celebrity Matchmakers. They will use their network and social media to help the lone hero – more to be announced later – to “The One”. Check here where you can go from September 16 Celebrity matchmakers can flow.

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