These are the candidates for an alderman in Lederwirt

These are the candidates for an alderman in Lederwirt

Candidates for Board membership for the 2022-2026 term have been announced. Robert Ten Keat (CDA), Carla Dettren (Jan) and Juric Fransen (De Nderwerter VVD) have been nominated by the three parties as Alderman to the new Mayor’s Council and Alderman of Nderwirt Municipality. House members nominated for appointment will be nominated during an additional House meeting on Tuesday, May 17th. At this public meeting, the “good for each other” coalition agreement is presented to the municipal council.

local council member

Robert Ten Kit (CDA)
Robert Ten Kate grew up in the suburbs of Nederwirt for much of his childhood. In the middle of his communication training, he moved to Eindhoven to return to Nderwirt via various itineraries in September 2021.

After completing his studies in 2015, Ten Kate has gained extensive experience as a consultant in the business community, agro-commercial media, and the Dutch agricultural and horticultural organization LTO in The Hague. In addition, from 2017 to 2020 he was Director and Vice President of Brabants Agrarisch Youth Contact, an association of young farmers in Brabant. In 2019, he was elected with special interest as a member of Food100, a group of 100 talented professionals committed to improving the Dutch food system.

Carla Detterin (January)
Karla Dettren is no stranger to Nederwerter politics. From 2002 to September 2015 she was a board member and leader of the JAN party. Then Deterin The head of this party. In 2018, as an informant, she oversaw the formation of the coalition for the 2018-2022 administrative period.

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Deterin worked for many years as a manager in the province of Limburg, among other things, in the social field. In May 2020, she joined the Municipal Council of Nderwirt as an Alderman with the social field and finance in her portfolio.

Jorek Fransen (Nederweerter VVD)
Jorik Franssen was raised in Nederweert. He studied law and public administration at Radboud University Nijmegen. Since 2020, he has been a strategic advisor to the Municipal Executive in Brabant. Prior to that, he was active in the Limburg District Court.

Fransen is socially involved. He was politically active for several years, including 2018 as party leader and advisor to the Nederweerter VVD. He has also been a volunteer for people with dementia through the Alzheimer’s Foundation Midden-Limburg since 2018 and has been a board member at Rabobank Weerterland and Cranendonck since 2015.

The three city council candidates consider it an honor to be nominated by their party to serve as municipal administrators in Nderwirt. Dieting: “I am very excited to collaborate with residents, volunteers, associations and social partners. Together we make Nederweert more beautiful every day. I would like to continue working for Nederweert in the coming years† Fransen is ready: “Talking to residents and business people gives energy. Together we keep what’s going well and address what needs improvement. Committed, persistent and clear – that’s what the villagers can expect from me† Ten Kate wants to contribute in the coming period to a municipality and a community that is good for each other, now and in the future. †Together with residents, businesses, associations and other organizations, I would like to offer a contemporary interpretation of the strong character of our municipality: a unique rural municipality with adventurous countryside and beautiful nature.”

Additional Board Meeting Tuesday 17 May
The three candidates for appointment will be nominated during an additional city council meeting on Tuesday 17 May, at 7 p.m. at the De Pinnenhof Community Center in Nederweert. During this additional council meeting, the alliance agreement is also presented to the city council.

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coalition agreement
The title of the convention is “Good For Each Other”. According to an intentional alderman, this is a title that makes sense. †We do what is good for each other and believe in the power of community. An individual comes alone when he can mean something to another person. We are good to each other and have an eye for our fellow human beings. Our residents can count on a people-oriented government that operates on the basis of trust, but is also clear and honest. A government that sets clear frameworks, but also makes customization possible if that’s better. We have our affairs in order and ensure the essentials stay in order. Nderwirt is in a good financial position. We want to keep it that way. We ensure a good balance between people, resources and organization, to do what is necessary for our municipality

The new coalition has deliberately chosen the broad outlines agreement. This provides scope for input from residents, businessmen, associations, social partners and all parties to the municipal council.

You are welcome to attend the council meeting. You can also follow the council meeting via live broadcast on the municipality’s website or via Nederweert24. The coalition agreement will be published on the municipality’s website after it is signed on Thursday 12 May. In addition, hard copies of the coalition agreement will be available at town hall, community centers and the library.

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