These are the Best Trekking / Electric Trekking Bikes | 2021 bike test

These are the Best Trekking / Electric Trekking Bikes |  2021 bike test

Bike testAre you looking for a bike that allows you to bike long distances with pedal assist? In this article we show you the best trekking / trekking bikes.

How does the bike test work?

In 2021, will once again have a series of recently released e-bikes and non-electric race bikes that have been tested by volunteers from all over the country, readers of this newspaper. We explain exactly how that works in this article.

Who are TestKees?

TestKees, or Kees Bakker, are the undisputed authority for everything related to cycling. As Fietsersbond’s Consumer Information Officer, Kees has been checking e-bikes for twenty years. In this article we introduce it to you.

The best test

Kettler Quadriga P5 Belt (€ 3,299) – 8,1

Fun for long distances

Kettler Quadriga P5 Belt ©

This is a common category. 24 testers tried the Kettler. There has been widespread praise for the comfortable seat on the saddle and the flexible suspension. Fun for long distances, sporty; Maybe a little on the heavy side.

Exam: ‘A very stable bike with sturdy support, a wide screen, a low pitch and a comfortable seat.’ The five-speed axle shifts easily, but first gear can be a little lighter. The battery is difficult to remove and the loose cover plate is inconvenient.

Best buy

Canyon Bathlight: ON 78 (€ 3,399) – 8,0

TestKees: Wide wheels and springs in the front fork provide comfort. Mountain good.

Canyon Bathlight: ON 78
Canyon Bathlight: ON 78 ©

Batavus Finez E-go Power Sport (2,999 euros) – 7.8

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“Everyone’s friend”, comfy, looks good. Quiet engine, frame not very stiff.

Batafoss Vines E-Go Power Sport
Batafoss Vines E-Go Power Sport ©

Ebike Das Original Tour 002E + (4,799 euros) – 7,8

Automatic acceleration elicits mixed responses. “Nice and strong.”

Ebike Das Original Tour 002E +
Ebike Das Original Tour 002E + ©

Kyula 727 million (2,549 euros) – 7,2

Someone deservedly says: “A beautiful bicycle.” The switch could be more smoothly; Good maneuverability.

Kyola 727 m
Kyola 727 m ©

Gazelle Chamonix T10 HMS (2,999 euros) – 7,1

Relaxed ride, City Bike More than Tourist Bike. Nice design, Not a Hard Drive Bicycle.

Chamonix gazelle T10 HMS
Chamonix gazelle T10 HMS ©

Vandik Seto (€ 2,599) – 7.0

Seems suitable for trips, but “How does he handle luggage?” Tough, the driving could be smoother.

Vandik Seto
Vandik Seto ©

How to choose an e-bike? In this article we bring you some points of interest.

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