These are the best deals on dating

These are the best deals on dating

Temptation Island is back with the third season. The coordination has been successful in more than 20 countries. These dating shows can score points, too.

“Temptation Island – Temptation in Paradise” returns on March 25 with a third season with a new trailer, Lola Webert (24). Since 2019, dating software has been of a different kind on RTL and / or TVNow Broadcast. Four couples put their relationship to the test on the show – by getting to know single men and women separately.

They are accompanied by cameras and then the recordings are shown to their partner. After two weeks in “Heaven”, the couples meet again and they have to decide if there is a chance for their love. The experiment was conducted in 24 international formats, first in the Netherlands as “Blind Vertrouwen” (2001). In the same year, the “Island of Experience” was launched in the United States of America. The dating shows have had international success as well.

“Bachelor” in “Bachelorette”

Probably the most famous dating show “The Bachelor” was first produced in 2002 as the American broadcaster “The Bachelor” and now has 25 seasons. The concept: The bachelor gets to know single women on group and individual dates. In “Night of Roses” he gives roses to his favorites – so that they remain the last rose of his dream woman. The exhibition has its own version in Australia, Canada, Indonesia, India, Romania and others. In 2003, The Dome Show also found its way onto German television. In 2021, RTL showed the eleventh season. The station has also developed German versions of the US offshoots “Die Bachelorette,” where a single woman searches for the man she dreams about, and “Bachelor of Heaven,” where former candidates for both dome shows look for love again.

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the charming prince

Prince Charming can be understood as another branch of ‘The Bachelor’. In the form of dating, a gay man is looking for a partner. The show premiered in 2016 as “Finding Prince Charming” on the US pay TV station’s flag, and was moderated by former NSYNC member Lance Bass (41) and Robert Sepulveda Jr. (38) He went in search of a dream man. Elected in October 2019 TVNow Nicholas Bushman (29) found the right partner in Lars Tunisforborn (30) a prince: In the second season, Alex Schaeffer was looking for the right tutor. In 2021, a woman will be looking for her better half in Princess Charming.

“Paradise Hotel” and “Are you the one?”

In June 2020, RTL aired the second season of TVNow’s original “Paradise Hotel” on a free TV show. Ten singles get to know each other in a luxurious villa with varied games and wild evenings. New singles keep moving in and out. In the end, the winning spouses will share a $ 20,000 prize money – or one partner will return home alone with the prize. The show is based on the Native American version, which first aired on Fox in 2003. The “ocean” format has been adapted in more than 18 countries. Also with “Are You The One?” TVNow has a hit dome show format that premiered in the US in 2014. Experts are looking for ten single women and ten men looking for their peers. Only when ten couples correctly find each other will they earn a total of 200,000 euros.

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Love island

Also in “Love Island” form, the participants move into a villa for approximately three weeks and at best come together as couples. He who remains alone must go. The winning spouses will receive 50 thousand euros. In Germany, RTLzwei is showing the dome show, which will have two seasons for the first time in 2021 and is originally from Great Britain (since 2005). Initially, the show was filmed there with celebrities, but was re-produced in 2015 with unknown people. In 2018, the show won a BAFTA award.

‘First dates’

Since 2018, VOX has been showing “First Dates – Schedule for Two” (also on TVNow TV, Chef Roland Trettl (49) invites singles to dinner, who get to know each other better while enjoying gourmet delicacies and test if there is a second date. The dating show premiered in the UK in 2013, and the concept of “first dating” has now been implemented in nearly 20 countries, including Belgium, Finland, the Netherlands, Canada, Spain, USA, Brazil and South Africa since 2020, VOX It also offers a “first dates” popup, in which the introduction expands to include hotel stays.

More tips for dating show fans

The movie “Naked Dating” became popular in this country under the RTL program “Represent Adam Eve – Stranded in Heaven”. Totally naked singles meet on a tropical island and get to know each other while living on the island together. The coordination was implemented in 2014 in different countries: the Netherlands, the United States, Australia, Germany and Spain. Finland and Italy followed in 2016. The fifth season took place in Germany in 2018. The sixth season of Reality Format will be performed on RTLzwei. When asked about the news immediately, the station confirmed that production should start in the spring of 2021.

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“If it is your husband, leave the light on. If you express yourself, you are gone.” – On “Take Me Out” (RTL), comedian and presenter Ralph Schmitz (43) introduces 30 single women with a dream man, women who can play more than one role by using the bell to determine whether or not you want them. Distinguish. In the end, a man can decide which candidate he wants so far. The show was developed in Australia under the title “Taken Out”. As “Get Me Out,” the show found its way to Great Britain and elsewhere. There are now around 32 branches.

It’s a dating experience where profit ultimately becomes more attractive: Seven confident beauties and seven lonely strangers meet in “Beauty & The Nerd” in a dream villa and fight as couples for 50,000 euros – packages included. The show, titled “Beauty and The Geek”, ran in the United States from 2005 to 2008 and was produced by Ashton Kutcher (43), among others. The program still exists in Croatia, Italy, and Germany (ProSieben), but there are also campuses in Australia, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, and Israel.


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