These are the Best Bitcoin and Crypto Black Friday Deals of 2021 – BTC Direct

These are the Best Bitcoin and Crypto Black Friday Deals of 2021 - BTC Direct

With our economy wrecked by high inflation, Black Friday is approaching. Many crypto items are available at high discounts.

How about 25% off De Bitcoin Standaard and De Fiat Standaard? Ledger Nano S for €45.47 or CRYPTOTAG for €99? All discounts are valid until November 29, unless otherwise noted.

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Bitcoin and Fiat (NL) Standard | 25% off

In these two books, author Seif El-Din Amous summarizes our economic and monetary reality and how we got here.

The Dutch book De Bitcoin Standaard was published in 2020 and is the best-selling Bitcoin book of all time. This is the best book if you want to learn more about the emergence of a decentralized, apolitical, and free alternative to our central banks.

His latest book, De Fiat Standaard, will be published this year and is expected to be delivered on December 31, but can already be ordered temporarily at a 25% discount. Be fast!

It is good to know that you will temporarily receive a 25% discount on all Dutch books.

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Ledger Nano S | 30% off

Ledger Nano S for only €45.47! These are the most popular hardware wallets ever and have never been the cheapest. You won’t find them cheaper than this. The wallet is available in different colours, up to three colors for each person.

Buy the Ledger Nano S at 30% off.

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Are you looking for a premium product to keep your private keys safe? The CRYPTOTAG Zeus Starter Kit and CRYPTOTAG Zeus Expansion are available for a limited time at 23% off. As a result, you can become the proud owner of these titanium plates for only 99 euros. This discount is valid until November 28.

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What is Black Friday?

For those who didn’t get the hype: Black Friday came out of the US. The day after Thanksgiving, stores (online) offer deep discounts on their products. Black Friday marks the start of the Christmas shopping season.

To attract customers to stores, many business owners advertise special offers.

Black Friday also refers to writing black numbers. Meaning, sell so many items that you can deliver good sales numbers that year. It is common in the United States (and indeed in the rest of the world) to write loss figures in books in red ink. In this case, the profit numbers are written in black ink.

Holland also had to believe in it for a few years now. Major electronics companies operate at deep discounts. It’s actually a perfect time to stock up on holiday gifts.

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