These are the 10 most viewed movies and series on Netflix (week 10 of 2021)

Netflix Top 10 meest bekeken België week 10 2021

Curiously, what are the 10 most popular Netflix movies and series at the moment. The streaming service is adding new movies and series every day, but it also lets you see which titles are watched the most. In this overview you will find a The 10 most viewed movies and series on Netflix in the 10th week of 2021 With story and trailer.

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10x Most-viewed Movies & Series on Netflix in Week 10 (2021)

In the 10th week of 2021, a number of old acquaintances will again be in the top 10 movies and series to watch, but some new titles have also appeared. Below you’ll find the most popular movies and series on Netflix right now.

1. Jenny and Georgia (TV series, Season 1)

Terrified 15-year-old Jenny Miller often feels more mature than her 30-year-old mother, the irresistible and dynamic Georgia Miller.

It is currently unknown if there will also be a season 2 of the popular series, but given the viewership numbers are so good, the opportunity definitely appears to be there.

2. New Amsterdam (series, 2 seasons)

Doctor. Max Goodwin is brilliant and charming – and the new medical director of America’s oldest public hospital. While it is determined to break down the bureaucracy to provide exceptional care, doctors and staff aren’t so sure. They’ve heard this before, and no one else has kept these promises.

Max does not accept “no”, disrupts the status quo and proves that he will stop at nothing to revive this underfunded, underfunded and undervalued hospital – the only hospital in the world capable of receiving Ebola patients, Rikers Island residents and the President of the United States under the roof. One – and return it to the glory that put it on the map.

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For now, the question still remains whether Season 3 of New Amsterdam will be coming to Netflix soon.

3. Snowpiercer (one series, two seasons)

Seven years after the world turned into a frozen wasteland, the remnants of humanity live in an ever-moving train circling the Earth, raging class wars, social injustice and survival politics.

A new episode of Part Two appears every week, but a Snowpiercer Season 3 release has also been announced.

4. Despicable Me 3 / Despicable Me 3 (movie, 2017)

Puppy meets his long-lost, charming, fun and most successful twin brother Drew, who wants to work with him on a recent criminal robbery.

5. Behind Her Eyes (Serie, 1 seizoen) (Behind Her Eyes)

Followed by Louise, a single mother with a son who works part-time in a psychiatrist’s office. She begins an affair with her boss and an unexpected friendship with his wife.

It is not yet known if the second season of Behind Her Eyes will be released.

6. The Guardian (film, 2021)

A trained French soldier, who was taken home after a painful combat mission, uses her deadly skills to track down the man who abused her sister.

7. The Bold Type (series, 3 seasons)

A glimpse into an awful life and I love those responsible for a global women’s magazine.

8. Lupine (series, season 1)

Inspired by the adventures of Arsene Lupine, the noble thief Asaan Diop sets out to avenge his father for the injustice inflicted on him by a wealthy family.

Netflix announced that the second part of Lupine will follow in the summer of 2021. By the way, there has been a huge influx of book on Arsene Lupine.

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9. Moxie (movie, 2021)

A shy 16-year-old girl is fed up with the sexism and toxic situation existing in her high school. She finds inspiration in her mother’s rebellious past and anonymously spreads a garnish that unleashes a school-wide revolution.

10. Bridgerton (series, one season)

Wealth, lust and betrayal against the backdrop of the English Regency era, seen through the strong eyes of the Bridgerton family.

Bridgerton is the most watched Netflix Original series of all time, and a second season has already been announced that will follow.

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