There will be a parliamentary debate this morning anyway, Ruth asks, “Leave each other for a bit.”

There will be a parliamentary debate this morning anyway, Ruth asks, "Leave each other for a bit."

Starting at 11.15 am, the House of Representatives is expected to debate this morning the failed reconnaissance of former Scouts Guritsma (VVD) and Olangren (D66). But then the House of Representatives must first have received all the required documents about the first steps towards forming a government.

It became clear yesterday evening that the leaders of the group can see the documents of their secret conversations this morning before the discussion and whether or not they agree to them for release. This mainly concerned notes of the seventeen party leaders’ formation discussions, as well as emails, texts, and text messages. Other official documents are also included.

The House of Representatives wants complete transparency about the progress of this exploration.

The debate will be broadcast live on NPO 1 and NPO Politiek.

The head of the VVD party and Prime Minister Rutte fear the debate could turn fierce. In those classified conversations with Jorritsma and Ollongren, party leaders might have said ugly things about someone else. Rota fears that the disclosure of all documents will make the formation of the new cabinet more difficult.


“The hedgehog should crawl slowly toward each other,” says Rute in the formation. He does not want to “drink wine and coffee together for two weeks” to restore mutual relationships. “Leave each other for a little bit,” was Rote’s call yesterday.

“The debate could turn into a massacre,” says political reporter Arjan Norlander. “There is still a lot of anger.” “But the two sides also have to talk to each other again to form a new government.

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One possibility is that a symbolic move could be made, by leaving the current scouts Koolmees and Van Ark. Norlander said: “You cannot blame them, but their role has become ambiguous in the reconnaissance process.”

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