There are no Lowlands, but Caribou can’t do without you!

There are no Lowlands, but Caribou can't do without you!
Photo: Thomas Newcome

2020 was supposed to be a great year for Caribou, just like 2021. With a new album in the pocket and a massive tour across the US and Europe in the planning. Normally we should have seen him this weekend in the Lowlands. But despite all the known misery, we are now looking forward. Keep reading why you need to buy tickets for his next tour soon so you can watch Caribou live.

Dan Snaith, also known as Caribou, is a Canadian electronic artist. In the beginnings of zeros, it began with the name Manitoba. But a Canadian punk singer of the same name forced him to change names after two albums. In any case, the name change did not stand in the way of his fame. In 2010, he only broke into the Low Countries with a totally summer album swimming. And of course you might know him by his brutal hit “I Can’t Do Without You”.

We present 3 reasons why you should seize the next opportunity to watch Caribou live.

as such: caribou
what or what: Electronic / sentimental summer house with folk effects

1. The perfect balance between hovering and trampling

Snaith has been working at Caribou since 2005. So he has enough material to undo. He is not afraid to offer the audience something different. At the same time, Caribou can open his show with satisfies the crowd Without having to worry about not having anything up his sleeve.

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In all those years he learned how to play his audience to the fullest. Goes from sweet songs Human Kindness Milk (2005) via beech from “Odessa” to trippy Goosebumps song “Neobe”. So you will never get bored with this guy! He’s found the perfect balance between hovering and trampling.

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2. Mix of different music styles

Movies are best when you don’t know how it will end. The same is true of caribou music. His productions are sometimes categorized under New Weird America, a music movement that brings together multiple musical styles. And that’s exactly what makes his songs so good.

Listen to ‘Yeti’ and you think the best man was taking nice pink pills. Or take the musical “Bowls” with its crazy bells and sounds that push you deeper. Final I feel good The summer 2020 song Never Come Back features a nostalgic voice with frequent vocals.

Each song is an adventurous journey like no other. Caribou’s Show is a cacophony of voices that don’t seem to match (but secretly do).

3. The Caribou Live Fiction Band

We were about to forget, but Caribou always brings a great band with him during live performances. This is what makes live shows great. During his last performance in the Lowlands, Caribou and his band gave a great climax to the song ‘Sun’.

The music continued to swell and stop, eventually returning with intense acidic effects. Check out the above video! During performances, album tracks often get a major makeover. More minutes of playing automatically means more orgasm for this guy!

When will Caribou return to Holland, I hear you thinking. He still has a performance to catch up with at Tivoli in Utrecht. We hope to hear more about that soon!

Lowlands 2021 From Home

No Lowlands this weekend. a second. That’s hard work, but it’s up to all of us to keep the atmosphere of the Boulder festival we love so much alive. So (still) Lowlands Week at Festileaks. We’ll be running many specials across the Lowlands throughout the week: from an online escape room, through a series of retrospective events and spotlighting artists to an election for the best LLine-up ever. Share LLove!

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