The US won’t be the biggest producer of Netflix content…

The US won't be the biggest producer of Netflix content...

You might think that the United States is the main focus of Netflix in its hopes of success. But the country’s cultural hegemony appears to be slowly fading away.

Netflix’s biggest hit comes from South Korea. This was of course expected somewhere since the company was with squid game It took the world by storm, creating the series that was watched by nearly 200 million households in its first 28 days of release. Not only that: The chain has also turned into a kind of cultural ambassador.

Mainly South Korean content
Bloomberg looked at the extent to which there is a “Squid effect” within viewing patterns on Netflix. after the appearance of squid game In the fall of 2021, several non-English series broke into the top ten on Netflix. Just think about it My nameAnd King’s Emotion As well as on the blow destined to perish.

Overall, South Korea grabs more popular content on Netflix than any other country besides the United States. Netflix decided to do something with it.

The streaming service will now primarily focus on the Asian region as the biggest target for new subscriber growth. Currently, Netflix has 213 million subscribers and the idea is to double that number: the company aims to reach 500 million subscribers.

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