The United States declares 23 species permanently extinct

The United States declares 23 species permanently extinct

On Wednesday, US authorities declared 23 species permanently extinct, including the ivory-billed woodpecker, once one of America’s most majestic birds, that no one has seen since 1944. Of these 23 species, the Scientists hope when they see it again, the living specimen is also another bird, a Bachmann bird, two types of freshwater fish, eight types of shellfish or even a plant. Federal Services for Fish and Nature,”This species has been identified as extinctThey announced this in a press release. The process of removing it from the endangered species classification has begun.

This is sad news.”Highlights how human activity can drive species into decline and extinction, contributing to loss of habitable space, overexploitation, introduction of invasive species and diseaseExplains the press release. “The increasing impacts of climate change are expected to exacerbate these threatsHe adds. The ivory-billed woodpecker belongs to the woodpecker family (which also includes the more famous woodpecker). Its plumage was black and white, had a red male crest, and was about two feet long.

It was classified as an endangered species in 1967, mainly due to the disappearance of the forests that are part of its habitat, but also because of its collectors. Specialists agreed that the date was last seen in April 1944, in northeastern Louisiana. These 23 species have been classified as critically endangered too late to be saved, according to authorities. It also includes eleven species from Hawaii and the island of Guam, including several birds, and one species of bat. Animals that live on the islands are more easily threatened due to their isolation. The Hawaiian and Pacific Islands have more than 650 endangered species of plants and animals, more than any other country in the United States. There is not much in the world.

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