Carla K acquitted in buttock augmentation case | interior

Carla K acquitted in buttock augmentation case |  interior

Twelve women reported the woman after her treatment. They experienced discoloration, pits and bumps in the buttocks, pain, stiffness, boils, and sores. According to the prosecutor, K learned that the fillings she used were harmful and hid the risks during treatment. K denies it.

“At the time of treatment, little was known about those risks and there was no ban as yet,” the court said. Therefore, it cannot be demonstrated that K. is aware of the high risk of serious complications. “It also means that it cannot be proven that they intentionally abused their clients.”

However, the court has serious doubts about her style. “For example, they have not conducted any research into fillers, have not adequately informed their clients of this and have not provided them with adequate aftercare. So it is questionable whether the suspect acted with caution, but in this case it cannot lead to a conviction. criminal”.

A one-year suspended prison sentence was requested.

K treated the women between 2005 and 2013 after a short course in Venezuela, with fluids she had bought from Colombia. She was charged 500 euros for the treatment. The issue came to the fore in 2015 after Alberto Stegmann’s TV show.

In the Netherlands, since January 2015, there has been a ban on permanent fillers for cosmetic treatments, due to health risks.

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