‘The Trump Show: Downfall’ on the BBC: ‘The president can stand his loss but not cheat’

'The Trump Show: Downfall' on the BBC: 'The president can stand his loss but not cheat'

The “fall” will be repeated on Thursday 28 January at 0.30 on BBC 2 and can be seen Thursday 11 February on NPO 2

“The Fall” is a special episode of “The Trump Show,” the excellent three-part series in which the BBC last fall examined the presidency of the orange man whose words were as limited as his words were. That series ended a few weeks before the November 6 elections, and since some things have happened in the United States since the ballot box, their makers have been forced to film a finale, with no doubt that they will not take the title in full. Bumblebee accident Oliver HirschpiegelA movie about the last days of Adolf Hitler.

The hour-long documentary began in Arizona, right Donald Trump He held one of his many meetings a week before the elections. There was also a crowd of thousands of cheering fans without a mouth mask Nigel Farrag, The British politician who drove his country out of the European Union and a strong supporter of Trump: The president tones “In the Air Tonight” from Phil Collins It landed on the tarmac, and it was enough for the man to be called the greatest showman in political history. Faraj was also allowed to sit on the Arizona stage himself – after Trump put him as famously as ‘King of Europe’ – In a short speech, he described the president as “the bravest person he has ever met.”

Trump was not brave enough to admit his loss, and he showed accurately but predictably how the man with his scam stories had been annoying (the press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping!), Bothering (his question) in recent months. Georgia representative “to find 11,780 votes”) and creating dangerous moments (storming the Capitol). Commentary on all these events came mainly from some journalists, opinion makers, and former Trump employees, including the Almost Inevitable. Anthony Scaramucci, Who served as Trump’s spokesperson for ten days in the summer of 2017 and has since built a lucrative career as a former Trump spokesperson.

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The most prominent testimonies came from some people who were still close to Trump after November 6, either because they were part of his electoral team or because they were like the priest. Daryl ScottBe a friend of the man. Each of them seemed to have little regret about how things turned out, and no matter how out of control the situation, they treated lightly about the lies Trump incited against his supporters. They said talking about fraud right away was not a strategic decision, although Trump announced it months earlier and dropped the word in 2016 in a debate with Hillary Clinton As a reason to lose them. They thought it was disappointment that drove him to do so, because – as he told Scott in a phone call – “he can bear his loss but not be cheated.”

So none of them – Farage included – felt necessary to bring down Trump or say he tried to cheat. The closest employee of his campaign came who said that in Trump’s entourage there was a gradually increasing realization that there was “ no evidence ” of what his crazy theories about the attorney had unleashed. Rudy Giuliani claimed. But this, of course, is not the same as admitting that the entire story was based on nothing. Maggie VandenbergAt least one of the many protests, a woman who still believed Trump would have won “ if every legal vote counted, ” wondered, with tears, what would happen to her country if Trump’s victory had ended. At the very least, the “downfall” proved that the last question was still relevant, even now that the former president had to leave the field.

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