The true story of “Vikings”: This is the story of Ubbe

The true story of "Vikings": This is the story of Ubbe
The Vikings are over. The series contains both real and fictional events. In this article, we explore the true story of Ubbe.

Of course we know that the Vikings discovered the American continent long before Christopher Columbus. In the series, the eldest son of Ragnar Lothbrok, Obi, was the first Viking to arrive in North America. He landed on the coast of Newfoundland and started a new life there. But is this story based on a true story?

the answer
Interestingly, the answer is a mixture of “yes” and “no”. As far as we know, a real Ubbe has never traveled to North America. Except that he was one of the leaders of the great pagan army that invaded England in the mid-ninth century, as seen in the fourth and fifth seasons of the series.

There was a man named Lev Erickson, who was the first Viking who actually went on an expedition to North America. The continent was called Vineland, after finding so many grapes. Indeed, the area he found was really Newfoundland.

At the same time, Erikson did not arrive there until AD 1000, nearly a century after Obi Vikings. However, it was important for the series to end on the continent.

Presenter Michael Hurst speaks: “I knew the end would be the discovery of America and Newfoundland. That’s what I’ve always been planning for.”

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