The trailer for the Dynasty Warriors movie features massive battles, magical powers, and Lu Bu

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Warrior Dynasty is a video game franchise about famous personalities in Chinese history who use formidable weapons and mysterious powers to kill large numbers of unknown enemy forces. If you think this sounds like a bad introduction to a feature film, a new Chinese movie trailer is being produced. Dynasty Warriors The movie proves that you are completely wrong.

This trailer is about the movement as it goes from one magic step to the next. At one point, Guan Yu, performed by former K-pop star, Geng Han, collides on the battlefield and sets everyone ablaze with his huge crescent-blade crew. Next, the trailer gives us a brief rendition of the other game characters to show their special power in destroying an army.

Of course, there are also some footage dedicated to Lu Bu (Louis Koo), one of the most famous and strongest Dynasty Warriors characters. In the short time spent on screen, Lu Bu encountered three enemy generals at the same time and destroyed the enemy’s army with lightning strikes on his pursuers. What’s more Dynasty Warriors than that?

The video game series has always been all about crazy excitement and extravagance, and this first trailer fits perfectly with that energy. Aside from the work, the film’s story will be (loosely) based on the Chinese historical text, Records of the Three Kingdoms, which introduces the history of the late Eastern Han Dynasty and the subsequent conflicts between Cao Wei, Shu Han, and Eastern Wu. Chinese states after the fall of the Han Dynasty.

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from Dynasty Warriors The film is scheduled to release on April 30th in China, but there is no confirmed release date in the United States yet.

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