The terrifying amount that Apple earns per second

The terrifying amount that Apple earns per second

The fact that Apple makes a lot of money every three months becomes clear. In the second quarter of 2022, the company set another record with revenue of $97.3 billion. How much is that exactly per second?

It’s an issue that Tibalti answers with a new study. Trust me: the answer is terrifying.

How much does Apple earn per second?

Tibalti checked out the 50 most popular companies in the world for his research. Of all these parties, it is Apple that earns the most money per second. According to the survey, US CEO Tim Cook’s company earns more than $151 million per day. After the conversion, Apple earns $6,307,200 per hour, $105,120 per minute, and $1,752 per second. That’s more per second than the average worker in America earns per week.

To realize just how much money Tipalti has put up a little tool on their website. By running the timer, you get a good idea of ​​what the second payout of $1,752 will turn out to be over time. Whether it’s fun or simply makes you a little sad, I’ll leave it up to you.

An apple
I love this salary (Photo: Tibalti)

What does the competition do?

Apple tops the list of the 50 most popular companies in the world in terms of turnover per second. So the American company is making crazy money, but what is the competition actually doing? We list the top twenty:

  1. An apple † $1,752 per second
  2. Microsoft † $1244 per second
  3. Alphabet (Google) † $1089/sec
  4. American bank † $870/sec
  5. Wells Fargo † $620 per second
  6. Meta (Facebook) † $586/sec
  7. Walmart † $472/sec
  8. AT&T † $441 per second
  9. Comcast † $414/sec
  10. Amazon † $367/sec
  11. Home Depot † $356 per second
  12. Walt Disney † $350 per second
  13. coca cola † $283/sec
  14. American Express † $214/sec
  15. McDonald’s † $191/sec
  16. Delta Airlines † $151/sec
  17. Louie † $136/sec
  18. nike † $128/sec
  19. Starbucks † $114/sec
  20. targeting † 104 dollars per second

The other list also includes companies like Netflix, Best Buy, Uber, FedEx, and Fox. View the full list at this link.

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Thinking week should be a month.

I had to look for myself three times Jasper, but it’s true. The average salary in the US is high.

On many great numbers per hour per minute and second… these numbers from Apple aren’t that bad… but just look at today’s population growth alone… this is really terrifying…

But why does this amount scare me?

It might be extravagant, or amazing, or massive, or gigantic, or maybe even insane…

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The terrifying amount that Apple earns per second

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