The second US Apple Store forms a union

The second US Apple Store forms a union

Photo: ANP

Once again, Apple Store employees in the US have chosen to form a union. Employees at an Oklahoma City store voted to join the union, becoming the second Apple Store to have a union. In June, they were preceded by a store in Townson, Maryland.

“The open, direct and collaborative relationship we enjoy with our valued team members is the best way to deliver an excellent experience to our customers and teams,” Apple said in a statement. The technology company also offers a good salary and excellent fringe benefits.

This week, Apple demonstrated its aversion to unions. The company has charged higher fees for outdoor courses and healthcare for all of its employees in US Apple Stores. Only the employees at Townson can’t claim this. According to Apple, this can only be done after negotiations between the company and the union.

Unions have recently gained a foothold in many large US corporations. For example, several distribution centers of the Amazon online store and branches of the Starbucks coffee chain have already joined a consortium. For years, union membership in the country has been declining, but unions are regaining some say. The fact that President Joe Biden is pro-union may also contribute to this.

In the United States, union membership is regulated by company location. There, there shall be one union responsible and all employees of that location are automatically represented by that union.

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