The refrigerator turns on and off again: how to waste as little energy as possible? | Food and drink

The refrigerator turns on and off again: how to waste as little energy as possible?  |  Food and drink

لذلك من المهم إغلاق الثلاجة بسرعة ، ولكن بعد ذلك يجب إغلاقها بشكل صحيح. يقول Wieke van der Vossen ، خبير سلامة الأغذية في مركز التغذية: "تحقق مما إذا كان بابك يُغلق بشكل صحيح. فأنت تفقد الكثير من البرد من خلال صدع وهذا يكلفك الطاقة". لمنع تكوّن فجوة ، توصي Milieu Centraal بتنظيف المطاط بانتظام. ثم يبقى سلسًا ويغلق الباب بشكل صحيح.

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What temperature should you set on your refrigerator?

It is important to have a constant temperature of 4 degrees in your refrigerator. “At this temperature, produce spoils less quickly, and bacteria hardly grow,” says Van der Vossen.

Many people do not know how cold their refrigerator is. “Last year, we asked five hundred consumers what the temperature was in their refrigerator,” Van der Vossen says. “We sent a thermometer. The average temperature measured by the participants was 5.6 degrees.” There were also refrigerators where the thermometer indicated 7 degrees. ‘Just a little too warm to store food.’

More Refrigerator Saving Tips

  • Don’t make your refrigerator work unnecessarily hard. Do not place it near a hot appliance such as an oven or dishwasher. Leave at least 10 cm between the refrigerator and the wall to allow the heat to dissipate.
  • Let the leftovers cool out of the fridge first. It happens quickly if you put the pan or bowl on the bottom of cold water. On the contrary, it is better to thaw frozen products in the refrigerator. Then the cold helps cool the refrigerator.
  • Defrost the freezer section of the refrigerator or freezer regularly. With a layer of ice, the freezer or freezer compartment uses more energy.

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