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With the end of the voting period for Smash Ultimate Summit 3, all participants of the most popular invitation event in Super Smash Bros Ultimate are now known. In addition to a number of regular invitees and two qualifiers, other players can apply for other places in the event. Of all the players who entered the voting process, only six can be invited to participate in Ultimate Summit 3 in Los Angeles, California. The event will take place from August 26-29, 2021.

With special campaigns in which candidates for donations pulled all the stops to get as many votes as possible, the voting process was an event in itself. For example, the nomination was briefly influenced by bots, and some players got help from wealthy fans who bought a lot of votes.


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These six players have earned enough votes to be invited to Smash Ultimate Summit 3. Many of these players are famous, but they are also known as content creators: Aaron is one of the most popular Smash players on Twitch, CLG VoiD is famous for his innovations with Sheik and Atomsk is King of Dedede Veteran of Super Smash Bros Brawl.

The two players who missed out on voting are Peanut and PG WaDi. However, organizer Beyond The Summit also called these two players as VIPs for Smash Ultimate Summit 3: they can replace players if they can’t enter the US due to problems.
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The other participants

Beyond The Summit has already invited 7 players to participate in Ultimate Summit 3. These are basically players known for their great performance: MKLeo is seen as the best player in the world, while players like Tweek, Marss, Maister and Dabuz are not far off there. from removal. Kane and Zachary are also top tier players and are considered some of the best players from Japan.

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Also, Spargo of Mexico and Dark Wizzy of New York qualified for Ultimate Summit 3 through special tournaments, which can be used to secure a ticket to the event. Spargo is currently ranked #1 in the online ranking for Ultimate, while Dark Wizzy is one of the best Mario players.

High prize pool

While Smash Summit 11, the Super Smash Bros. Melee event won by Mang0, dropped as Smash’s biggest prize-pooling tournament ever, Ultimate Summit 3 equals that record, once again raising over $150,000 through votes, donations and merchandise sales. .

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The growth of these prize pools promises a lot for the future of Smash: a branch of esports that, despite its size, often has relatively meager prizes. Super Smash Bros. has also become bigger and bigger in Europe: there was recently the big event Ultimate Wanted 3 in France, which had a lot of high-level competition and professional production.

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