The new streaming service Discovery + is streaming and you want to broadcast all of your sports

Starting today, you can stream all of your sports via Discovery +

Discovery + is now launching as a sports-focused streaming service and of course a lot of discovery material as well.

Today Discovery + was launched in the Netherlands, the live-streaming service of American media group Discovery. The service is also launched in the United States and other European Union countries.

The streaming service means that Dplay and Eurosportplayer, among other things, will expire and be consumed by the new streaming service. The main trigger? Internet broadcast remnants of the Olympic Games.

Discover Lansering +
Discovery + is cheaper than most other streaming services. According to the Financial Times, we will be paying four euros a month, or 40 euros a year.

For the platform, the parent company Discovery Inc. Live rights to TV and all other platforms for a great deal of sport. It costs € 1.3 billion, so a lot depends on the success of the service.

The Olympics will probably be the biggest success, although that will follow on television. So the question is whether or not the discovery will be a hit with him. The exclusive materials in particular are what she’ll have to do in the end.

To this end, the company is obligated to purchase the rights to sports broadcasts. This includes martial arts, which a lot of people fit into for DAZN’s service.

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