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In the Netherlands, it is currently only permitted to bury, cremate, and donate to science. Bill to allow re-emergence. But there are many options.

1) Cryomation

In refrigeration, the carcass is lyophilized and then decomposed into small parts. This has not been done worldwide yet; The investigation is underway, including in Sweden.

2) Ecolating

Ecolation is an electrical process that turns the body into a biological powder. The method pioneered by an Irish company is likely a sustainable option, but practicality is still a long way off.

3) Freezing

Karda players want to freeze, hoping to bring them back to life in the future. In the US and Russia, it is really possible to freeze yourself.

4) Playstation

Replacing human tissue with silicone is called plastic. Special plastic is not allowed. Allowed for scientific and educational purposes; Think Body Worlds.

5) To the eagles

Tibetans know the ancient “air burial”, where the dead are left to the eagles. A corpse is transported to a ritual site on a hill, where birds perform their task.

This is a frame from the article “Sustainable End” which can be found in KIJK 2/2021. This version will be in stores from January 21 to February 17.

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Text: Eliki Pal

Bild: Getty Images

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