Are men getting older than women? Justice exists!

Are men getting older than women?  Justice exists!

It might sound unfair. Women invest thousands and thousands of crowns in cosmetics throughout their lives, and at the same time they usually have wrinkles before their men, who can “do something” after shaving. What makes men age slower?

The differences between female and male skin

The answer to this apparent injustice is the fact that men’s skin is twenty percent thicker than women’s skin. And you can see more of the best ones Small wrinklesWhich is formed due to loss of collagen and elastin. These substances disappear from men’s skin throughout their lives and to some extent evenly, so they may (and are) appear to age more slowly in women. This often happens by leaps and bounds. Hormonal changes Widespread testosterone during menopause, when the skin appears to suddenly relax and wrinkle more.

Testosterone slows down aging

Men’s skin is more wrinkle-resistant because the testosterone hormone keeps it more oily. However, it is replaced by a higher possibility of developing acne or visible pores.

But women don’t have to envy men much, and they don’t avoid wrinkles in the end. And when they have them, they are usually much clearer and deeper. This is not only due to the loss of fat in the subcutaneous tissue, but also to the loss of muscle mass, which makes it visible Dropping lines Faces.

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Men are not supporters of regular cosmetic care, but they are gradually finding their way to it

Men’s skin care

“Although gentlemen, as it is generally known, do not like creams, regular protection from UV rays in the form of SPF creams and cleansing of the skin with a gentle cleansing gel is important,” advises Dr. Jean Cochira, chief physician at Perfect Clinic Dermatology Clinic. Sun protection In conjunction with regular checkups with a dermatologist, it is essential because men are statistically more likely to be affected. Skin tumors.

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Even men go to cosmetics

In recent years, more and more men have appeared in beauty salons or plastic surgery clinics. “Many young people around the age of fifteen go for cosmetic treatment, who need to cleanse their skin or treat acne. However, skin cleaning is a relatively desirable procedure even in old age. In addition, many gentlemen indulge in skin hydration and procedures. They also look for procedures that are included in aesthetic medicine, such as wrinkle fillers, ”says Petra Hatlova of the Grace Center in Prague. An exception are not even clients who attend laser treatments or Botox.

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A man on cosmetics? It is no longer an exception you might think

Popular cream? why not!

But for some men, buying, for example, is still an abnormal thing Anti-wrinkle skin cream Or oily skin care products. If their wives have products at home that are tailored to their skin type, they can easily use them. And what should be contained in those for oily skin? “You should look for products that prevent sebum build-up, but are able to moisturize. Non-greasy products with an antibacterial formula that do not contain suitable oils.” Dermatologist Lucia Mansfieldova of the Perfect Clinic Dermatology Clinic says creams that are too thick for skin to breathe Not suitable, as it is too oily to clog the sebaceous glands.

After reaching the age of 35, both women and men can use anti-aging creams. But even if they sometimes promise to completely close the skin and remove wrinkles, they should be taken with caution. “Instead of an advertisement or brand, put a piece of music. The right ingredients can temporarily help with signs of aging – they are creams and serums that contain retinoids, which belong to the group of vitamins A. They should also contain vitamin C as an antioxidant, coenzyme Q) 10 And it should be protected from UVA and UVB rays, which accelerate skin aging and wrinkle formation, “adds Lucia Mansfieldova.

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