The New HEMA Head Can Still Start The Superstore Chain | On June 1st now

The New HEMA Head Can Still Start The Superstore Chain |  On June 1st now

Saskia Egas Reparaz will start on June 1 as CEO of HEMA Retail Chain. The company and former employer Ahold Delhaize have agreed. Earlier it appeared that the appointment would turn into a lawsuit.

The switch from Egas Reparaz to HEMA wasn’t without a struggle. As of the start of this month, she was still working as a notable lady in the Etos store chain. Consequently, owner Ahold Delhaize is protected against a non-competition clause that prevents her from starting with a competitor within six months of her dismissal. In the past month, tensions have escalated and going to court has not been ruled out.

Now the parties seem to be allied. Although Egas Reparaz will not be allowed to start elsewhere until September, according to its contract, the two chains have agreed that they can start in HEMA on June 1.

“Through constructive, mutual consultation, we have reached a date that is acceptable to all parties,” says Peter Haas, Chair of the Supervisory Board at HEMA. “We very much look forward to the start of Saskia on June 1st.”

Egas Reparaz is also comfortable with the course of events. “I look back on an impressive 22 years at Ahold Delhaize, where I was able to learn a lot in different roles and get opportunities. With this new step as CEO at HEMA, a new chapter begins for me. I really look forward,” according to Ms Etos Previous.

At HEMA, she replaces Tjeerd Jegen, who will step down as HEMA CEO at the end of May.

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