The Netherlands team at the World Cup wins the gold medal in Australia: “Van der Poel is in good shape, a big goal for Van Barley”

The Netherlands team at the World Cup wins the gold medal in Australia: "Van der Poel is in good shape, a big goal for Van Barley"

The Road Cycling World Championships will take place on Sunday 25th September in Wollongong, Australia. The Netherlands announced the selection of eight players last week, with national team coach Kose Morenhout indicating he wanted to use “team strength”. In the leader’s shirt He attempts to decipher the division within the team with some help from participants Jan Maas and Pascal Einkorn.

The spearhead for the outside world is undoubtedly Matthew van der Poel, as Moreenhout also pointed out in his explanation of the selection. Mas trained with the Alpecin-Deceuninck driver a while ago and was told in Montreal In the leader’s shirt He doesn’t have to worry about Van der Poel. “In Spain, we trained together for six hours, and then I really saw that he was doing well. At least that’s how I mostly felt.

He then won two fairer races (Geraardsbergen and Izegem, editor), which are now almost top-tier. It’s really hard to win these races,” the multi-skilled server at Australian team BikeExchange-Jayco says of his NSW captain.

However, Van der Paul will not be the only striker in Australia, with Dylan van Barley – who was not mentioned in the NWF press release – also being the captain. Not surprising, of course, for someone who finished second in the world championships in Leuven last year and had an exceptional spring this year with Tour of Flanders (second) and Paris-Roubaix (win).

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Dylan van Barley was already runner-up at the World Cup in Leuven last year

“If I hear a little bit from the Vuelta about how things are going and what he writes about, I think he’d be really fine,” Maas says of the other captain of the Dutch national team. “He’s really worked towards the World Cup, and that’s a really big goal for him. We can go very far with these two guys.

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Bauke Mollema will also be an interesting asset. “With him you have an interesting shadow commander, who can also go far in secret. If all three are still there in the last round, then you have cards to play.”

Unicorn part of the second row: “If they go early, come”

Below is the strong second row of the Dutch team, which will likely consist of Pascal Einkorn, Taco van der Horn and Wat Poelz. It is expected that Daan Hoole and thus diamonds will be the first men’s watches competition.

Eenkhoorn says he is not yet sure of his role. “I haven’t really contacted Matthew O’Koss about it yet,” says the Dutch champion. “It’s tough to make a team this year. Sebastian Langfield wasn’t able to join in as a road captain (due to a relegation battle with EF Education-EasyPost), for example, and Mike Teunissen didn’t really need it from the Vuelta either.

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The Netherlands team in the World Cup wins the gold medal in Australia:
Einchorn, pictured here with Van der Poel, is entering the World Cup for the third time in a row

“I’m just happy to be able to join, having gone the two previous times. That’s a token of appreciation,” continues Eenkhoorn, the only Jumbo-Visma rider of choice. “Moreover, I think my role will be somewhat similar to last year: If they go early, I have to be with them. Otherwise, it will be important to correctly locate Mathieu, Quebec’s Eenkhoorn said in a conversation with this site.

Versatile Server Diamond in World Cup Pick: ‘You Can’t Go With Eight Free Pirates Too’

So the biggest surprise was in the World Cup team Mas, who is also aware of this. I’ve also read some of the comments where they optionally understand the 8 lower names. I’ve said before: First, your team leaders see the kind of work you do, then the other riders, then the team management and then the general public, says the BikeExchange-Jayco server.

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The Netherlands team in the World Cup wins the gold medal in Australia:
Jan Maas is the man who took part in the first hours of competition in Wollongong

“However, the general public may only see ten percent of the game. I get jokes, but I’m seriously in good shape and can really contribute to the team. You can’t take eight free pirates either, there can only be three leaders max.” The 26-year-old from Brabant said:

“I also know Matthew and Dylan very well and love getting the balls out of my pants for them,” continues Maas, who is also an atmospheric designer. I know all eight of them, they are all good guys. I’ve been known to throw a joke every now and then at the table, but they love it. It’s who I am now and I love it’, concludes Maas.

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