King Charles is angry for the second time: I hate this thing

King Charles is angry for the second time: I hate this thing

Yesterday, King Charles was at Hillsborough Castle, near Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland. He was there with his wife Camilla when he wanted to write something in the guestbook.

leak pen

Things did not go well. He first wrote the wrong date – September 12 instead of September 13 – and when he tried to correct it, the pen in his hand began to leak. He said, “Oh my God, I hate this.” The king got up and handed the pen to his wife Camilla, now the queen’s wife. “Well, it goes everywhere,” she said.

“I can’t stand this damn thing every time,” said Charles, 73.

The king is in Northern Ireland to visit the whole of the United Kingdom for the funeral of his mother, Queen Elizabeth, who passed away last week at the age of 96.

visibly annoyed

It’s the second time in a few days that Charles’ anger has been shown. Last weekend, when some sort of accession council declared him king, things also went wrong.

Charles had to sign a document but there was a tray of pencils on the way. A member of his team ordered it to be removed from him, as evidenced by these photos:

People express their support on social media. The King has to deal with the loss of his mother and has a busy schedule. Former political reporter Marcus Desch said: “Apart from being sad, King Charles must be exhausted. He’s over seventy, flying nonstop across the country and obviously not. He’s in cold clothes. I hope he has time to tackle this period painful “.

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American tourist

However, there are also criticisms of the eccentric new king and people compare his behavior to that of Queen Elizabeth. The Washington Post cites an example that describes her “great sense of humor”: years ago, an American tourist who met her near Balmoral Castle in Scotland and did not recognize the Queen asked her if she had ever met the Queen. “No, but he does,” she replied, referring to her security guard.

The tourist asked the security guard what kind of queen. “She can be very angry at times but she has a great sense of humor,” he said. Then the tourist wanted a picture of the security guard and gave his camera to the Queen.

Watch how the former security guard told the story himself before:

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