The musical “Hamilton” brings the King David story to life

The musical "Hamilton" brings the King David story to life

Both men want to show what they can do, but they have to wait. God promises David the king. However, King Saul persecuted him for years. Hamilton must watch Washington appoint incompetent generals, leaving Hamilton alone to do the paperwork. But the wait is rewarded: David becomes king and Hamilton becomes United States Prime Minister of Finance.

Then things get worse. David and Hamilton start an affair and rely on their special skills to clean up debris. David devises a cunning plan that ends in killing Uriah. It does not work. God sees injustice and destroys the illegitimate son of David.

Hamilton also relies on himself instead of God: “When my prayers were answered carelessly,” he sings into the musical, “I picked up a pen and wrote my salvation.” This sentence is the beginning of the end. His plan also turned out to be wrong in the end. He suffered massive damage to his reputation and his career was over. Worse yet, the death of Hamilton’s son was a direct result of his father’s actions. Philip Hamilton loses a duel in which he unsuccessfully defends his father’s honor.

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