The movie “Between Us” arrives on the Nintendo Switch

The movie "Between Us" arrives on the Nintendo Switch
The game has grown so massively that it made social media viral on Tuesday with the news now available on the Nintendo Switch.
Last month, the game had nearly half a billion players. In October, Democratic congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez jumped into the wagon, playing “between us” on Amazon Twitch’s live-streaming platform in an effort to engage young voters.

Between Us is based on other social party games, like Mafia, in which a group of innocent people live their daily lives while murderers, who concealed their identities, commit murders at night. The group must identify the culprit and get rid of the fraudsters before they lose their majority.

Nintendo announced Tuesday that it will start supporting the game, which is already available on PC and mobile, but has yet to reach consoles. The game will cost $ 5 on Switch. The surprise announcement was part of Nintendo’s offering of indie games – those made by indie developers rather than large corporations – that are coming through the pipeline.

InnerSloth, a company of three, released “Between Us” in 2018. It didn’t cause much fanfare at the time, although it has grown in popularity in countries such as South Korea and Brazil. The game didn’t take off until this summer in the US, when it launched Twitch with a fanbase of 2.8 million viewers.

Between Us will be playable on local Wi-Fi or online multiplayer, so players can play together or find others online. The game relies on players talking to each other to discuss who the killers are, so Nintendo Switch players may find themselves having to type on their devices frequently to keep the conversation going. This may pose technical difficulties for some as typing on Switch may seem more cumbersome than typing on a computer or smartphone. In a test conducted by CNN Business, it was difficult to write that the red player is innocent before the other players actually vote to get the red out of the spaceship.

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Innersloth told CNN Business in a statement that it is improving the chatting experience.

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