“The momentum is now with Red Bull, Ferrari has work to do”

"The momentum is now with Red Bull, Ferrari has work to do"

Former Formula 1 driver Marcus Ericsson says the momentum after the first five races of the season is with Red Bull. The IndyCar driver stresses that the differences are small, but he also believes Ferrari has more work to do.

Red Bull and Ferrari were champions again in Miami, with the front row turning red but at the end of the race Max Verstappen was on top of the podium. Ericsson says in a magazine F1 NationAudio notation. “They have gone the extra mile when it was necessary. They have an advantage over Ferrari in the last races. They are very close to each other, but Max is doing very well at the moment,” said the former Sauber driver.

Ericsson also feels that after the past races, the momentum is with Red Bull. “It’s the second time they’ve outperformed Charles Leclerc in smart terms. Ferrari had the track position, but Red Bull has a little bit more speed, especially in the race. Ferrari has some work to do to get that back. It’s still close, but Max is doing well. very “.

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Ericsson, who has been living in the United States for several years, noted that Formula 1 was beginning to appear in that country. “One hundred percent. When I tell people I’m in IndyCar, they immediately start talking about Formula 1, the Netflix show (campaign to survive, editor). This weekend was a perfect example of that. Everyone wanted to be here. I called Alfa Romeo a few weeks ago to arrange a ticket, and then they said they’d get me a ticket for Friday…”, the Swede laughs. “Like, seriously?! I worked with you for four years. In the end they gave the weekend ticket, but that shows how popular it is today.”

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