The merger of Holland and Flanders? Here’s what the Belgians at Sluis have to say about it.

The merger of Holland and Flanders?  Here's what the Belgians at Sluis have to say about it.

Bart de Wever sounded the alarm on the TV show about the financial situation of Flanders and Wallonia. “There is no money left. The federal government is bankrupt. The Walloon authorities are completely bankrupt. Even the Flemish cash register is currently empty.”

According to the mayor, a merger between Holland and Flanders would be a solution. It’s a dream that de Wever has always cherished. “Together, they would be one of the most powerful economies in the world. The ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam could merge into the gateway to the northwestern European economy. That sounds like a great story to me. Of course there is still some water through the Rhine and Scheldt must flow and people are not mentally prepared for that.” Yet, I notice it,” de Wever said on the show.

“At least we can sit comfortably.”

And I noticed this on the street in Sluis: Not all Fleming is thrilled with De Wever’s idea. Sluis is known for being overwhelmed by Flemish people when the weather is nice, and who enjoy a day off, close to home, but outside.

However, there are supporters of de Wever’s plan. An old couple enjoying the shade on a bench near the baleen. “In Ghent, where we live, you can only count the seats on one side. They have removed all the seats there. At least we can sit here comfortably. We would like to come here and would not mind at all if Flanders were added to Holland.”


Bart De Wever’s plan is also no problem for the Sluise businessman who just sold ice cream to a Flemish couple. “They think we’re already spare Belgians from Zeeland, so why not take Flanders too,” she jokes. “Plus, I speak here every day to more Flemish people than the Dutch, so they are already here!”

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