The Medical Officer of Health issues new instructions to limit the spread of COVID-19

The Medical Officer of Health issues new instructions to limit the spread of COVID-19

These new workplace and corporate directives, issued by the Waterloo District Health Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Hsiu-Li Wang, will go into effect next week.

To ensure that these safety measures are followed, business owners, operators, and organizations in the Waterloo area will witness the implementation of these new measures and must be followed on December 14 at 12:01 a.m.

The new instructions include:

  • Actively screening of key employees and / or visitors
  • Preparing and implementing a COVID-19 safety plan and designating a management person to be responsible for implementing and monitoring compliance with the plan
  • Ensure physical spacing throughout the workplace, including personnel-only areas (such as lunch rooms and change rooms)
  • Be sure to use proper face coverings or personal protective equipment
  • Improving indoor air ventilation

Although many companies have implemented many measures to stop the spread of COVID-19, public health has seen a number of outbreaks in the workplace and workplace. The outbreak investigations by the Waterloo District Public Health and recent inspections led by the Ontario Ministry of Labor, Training, and Skills Development have identified areas of common interest in these places that could further spread the spread of COVID-19.

These new directives aim to reinforce and enhance existing requirements under the Regional Health and Safety Legislation and the Ontario Reopening Act to help address these common areas of concern.

These measures aim to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 in the workplace and workplace. “I realize that it is a challenging time for organizations, which have had to quickly adapt to new requirements and implement new measures,” said Dr. Hsiu-Li Wang in the statement. “I want to acknowledge and thank companies and workplaces for their efforts. Their perseverance, cooperation and commitment to our community is greatly appreciated.”

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