‘The Matrix’ fans mainly see John Wick instead of Neo

'The Matrix' fans mainly see John Wick instead of Neo

The first look at The Matrix Resurrections has arrived. But fans mainly see a cross between the different franchises. Neo (Keanu Reeves) doesn’t look quite as we remember him.

After all, Niu had short hair and a tight top. But now it looks quite familiar. This is what many people think, reacting at first sight. Doesn’t Neo remind us so much of John Wick?

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This week, Warner Bros. announced. Lots of photos released for the new image matrix-Movie. In addition to a series of clips, forty (!) Pictures, there is also a trailer. And in it we see photos of Neo, among others.

It looks very familiar. So much so that John Wick briefly became popular on Twitter in the United States. We choose from many reactions:

the new the matrixThe movie revolves around Neo and Trinity who live in the Matrix once again. So it seems that something has gone wrong with the peace agreement that is said to have been made between humans and machines. We don’t know yet what exactly went wrong.

The movie can be seen in December.

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