The Mall of the Netherlands will really open this fall and that’s what it means

The Mall of the Netherlands will really open this fall and that's what it means

This is already going to happen now, the Mall of the Netherlands will finally open in October this year, according to a spokesperson. The opening in October marks the end of construction of the new Leidsenhage shopping center, which will take nearly four years.

Construction of the 117,000 square meter shopping center began in 2016. If all goes well, renovation work will be completed this fall and all stores will open. In Shopping Mecca there are no less than 280 stores and catering facilities.

Opening date

More and more stores in the Mall of the Netherlands are already opening, but not all of them. The official opening date will follow, but it will almost certainly be in October of this year. The mall will not open until all works are completed and all stores have been opened. We’ll keep you informed about the ceremonial opening!

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